Introducing a new system for VARD ship design

Since Vard Design was established as our own in-house ship design studio back in 2000 more than 120 VARD designed vessels have been delivered. Today we offer an extensive range including both standardized vessels and highly advanced vessels with significant customer specific adaptations.

Combined with the introduction of our new company name, VARD, we are changing the naming system for our ship designs. The new naming system is very simple and built up from three components: 

VARD + Design Series + Design Number


All ship designs will be named VARD. We are proud of the vessels we have designed, and we look forward to seeing our new brand on the shipside.

We have organized our ship designs into five numerical series named 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9. The numerical series will replace the current acronym naming (PSV, AH, OSCV) of VARD ship designs.

The Vard 1-Series will replace the current PSV category.
The Vard 2-Series will replace the current AH category.
The Vard 3-Series will replace the current OSCV category.
The Vard 8-Series is new and will include fishing vessels.
The Vard 9-Series will include other specialized vessels.

To make the new naming system easy to navigate we are keeping the existing and established ship design numbers. For example:

The current ship design PSV 09 will change name to VARD 1 09
The current ship design AH 05 will change name to VARD 2 05
The current ship design OSCV 02 will change name to VARD 3 02
We have decided to make this change for several reasons. Firstly, the range is growing and we needed a more systematic naming architecture. Secondly, the current naming system was based on generic category names. We wanted a naming system unique to VARD. Finally, the ships we design for our customers are increasingly becoming cross overs between several of the traditional categories. Our new naming system will provide a good system for naming the even more specialized ships of the future.
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