VARD secures contract for two offshore fish farming operation platforms for Cermaq Norway

We are pleased to announce that we have secured contracts for the design and construction of two offshore fish farming operation platforms for Cermaq Norway.
The new platforms are of VARD 8 54 design, developed by Vard Design and Vard Aukra in close cooperation with Cermaq Norway. The two platforms are specially designed for fish farming operations in harsh environment, and have a capacity for 600 tons of fish feed, as well as separate areas for storage, veterinary services, workshop and accommodation for a crew of eight people.
In the design process, VARD utilized its broad competence in the design and construction of offshore vessels for the analysis of the fish farming platform’s motions in rough sea. The equipment on board include cranes, a stabilization system, a light support workboat, and VARD’s new feeding and monitoring system. The platforms are tailor-made for safe and good sea keeping performance, low fuel consumption and environmental friendly operations. Other features include four generators controlled by VARD’s SeaQ Power Management System, and the company’s newly developed SeaQ Control and Monitoring Station for handling of the platforms’ equipment and systems. The SeaQ product portfolio is developed by Vard Electro in Norway.
Delivery of the platforms are scheduled from Vard Aukra in Norway in Q2 and Q3 2018 respectively.
VARD is continuously developing vessels, barges and fish farming technology to help customers build sustainable and efficient aquaculture operations – inshore, offshore, at sea and on land.
Cermaq Norway is one of Norway's major food producers, with more than 550 employees and a daily production of 1.3 million portions of healthy and sustainable salmon. Cermaq Norway has operations along the coast of northern Norway. The company is part of Cermaq Group, the world's second largest producer of salmon and trout, with operations in Norway, Chile and Canada. Cermaq Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.
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