​Together with our customers, we continuously push the boundaries for specialized ships. As offshore vessels and their systems have become more sophisticated, VARD has systematically acquired and developed specialized companies for design, marine electronics, accommodation and other areas. Our goal has been to develop solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs. In line with VARD’s shipbuilder approach, all our solutions are of high quality, meeting the most stringent industry standards.
We call them SeaQ Flexible Solutions as all solutions are both scalable and compatible with solutions from other providers. This gives you, as our customer, the flexibility to choose between individual solutions and integrated solution packages.
Several hundred SeaQ products and solutions are already installed on advanced offshore vessels.
In our world, you can’t call it innovation if it isn’t tried and tested.

Main Switchboards | Emergency Switchboards | Propulsion Systems | Converters | El motors | Generators | Transformers
SeaQ Power includes a complete set of intelligent power systems producing, distributing and controlling power on board the vessel, while adjusting it to a wide range of power consumers and needs. Vard Electro has a long track record with all elements of a vessel’s power system, making it possible to offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to various types of vessels and in line with our customers’ preferences.

Integrated Automation System | Power Management System | Energy Management System | Blackout Prevention System | Bridge and ECR Console
SeaQ Control includes a full set of control systems, seamlessly integrated to improve usability and maximize the vessel’s performance at all times. Our customers benefit from Vard Electro’s extensive experience delivering advanced automation systems and solutions for specialized vessels. Working closely with the customer, we select the best components for each assignment, while taking care of the engineering and integration challenges. SeaQ Control solutions can be delivered individually or integrated as part of a larger configuration and ready for use.

Navigation Systems | Bridge Alert Management System | Manoeuvring Chairs | Communication Systems | Infotainment 
SeaQ Bridge consists of a wide selection of navigation and communication products and solutions, controlled and operated from the vessel’s bridge. Vard Electro works with all established makes, offering its customers the benefits of a single point of contact for the delivery, maintenance, and service of all the products we deliver. Operating in demanding segments with changing standards and constantly new regulations that meet the latest requirements.
Cabin Concept 
SeaQ Cabin is an innovative cabin system developed to fit today’s expectations from crews. The concept focuses on creating silent cabins to ensure high quality living conditions on board. SeaQ cabin solutions also enable shipowners to fit two one-person cabins in the space of a traditional two-person cabin. With this concept we have succeeded in standardizing cabin area layout, providing predictable arrangement of accommodation decks and full utilization of available space. In addition, this modular system enables an efficient building process. SeaQ Cabin is developed by Vard Accommodation. 
Module Handling & Well Intervention Systems | Deck Cranes & AHC Subsea Construction Cranes | Launch & Recovery Systems | Active Heave Compensated Winches | Deck Machinery | Drilling and Tensioning systems
Seaonics is a VARD subsidiary and a high-end provider of integrated equipment and solutions for subsea construction and deck handling operations in the marine and offshore industries. Seaonics focuses on developing and improving handling systems, making handling operations simplified and effective. Development of new products is made in close interaction with clients. Seaonics’ wide product range includes AHC subsea construction cranes, well intervention towers, standard deck machinery and fishing winches.
Individual products or complete packages
All products and solutions developed by VARD are available for customers worldwide as individual products or as part of packages. VARD has long experience supplying customers with solution packages including ship design, our own SeaQ solutions and third-party equipment.

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