VARD in brief

VARD is a major global shipbuilder, constructing offshore and specialized vessels.
In addition to constructing highly advanced OSV's, we also produce specialized vessels such as LNG-powered ferries, naval and coast guard vessels, fishing vessels and non-offshore related icebreakers with customer specific applications. Across these different vessel types, higher margins are typically generated from the vessels that require a high degree of customization. We also offer our vessel designs to external customers, often in packages with main vessel equipment.
Our expertise and track record have earned us worldwide recognition.
We have developed strong relationships with our customers over the years, and have gained a reputation for constructing reliable, high quality vessels. We believe the depth of our relationships with, and geographical proximity to, a large number of industry-leading customers and suppliers provide us with a strategic advantage.
VARD also has the flexibility to execute multiple modifications in the specifications requested by our customers during construction, enabling our customers to offer highly customized OSV's to cater to the needs of oil companies and field operators.
With our innovative design and engineering teams, as well as highly skilled workers engaged in outfitting, we are able to provide some of the most advanced vessels, solutions and services to our customers worldwide.
VARD consists of nine shipbuilding facilities worldwide: five in Norway, two in Romania, one in Brazil, and one in Vietnam. Our strategically located shipyards are able to provide the right combination of capabilities, capacity, cost-efficiency and market proximity to meet the needs of a diverse and sophisticated global customer base.
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