VARD offers a wide variety of careers, both within a national context and an international context. Career development follows two main paths:
  1. Development of functional expertise.
  2. Development of careers into leadership roles.
Most careers within VARD are developed along the first paths through challenging assignments internally, and courses and programmes offered externally. Most of these development activities take place within a national context, but the assignment part for this career path will also take place within the international context of VARD.
The main path for leadership career development encompasses challenging assignments, starting from a functional role into more complex leadership roles. The national context is the starting point, but as you progress into more complex roles you will soon be exposed to international challenges.
To support personal growth through challenging assignments, the company encourages individuals to take part in external programs and courses. VARD also offers internal programs aiming to reach different target groups, from first–line managers to more executive levels and management.
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