VARD really cares about our community and the environment. We contribute to this through our daily business, in production and, not  least, through our products.
All our shipyards hold environmental permits and licenses necessary for our existing operations. Our shipyards log environmental data into our Environmental Performance System on a continuous basis, and thereof publish regular environmental reports.
In recent years, we have implemented and improved the procedure for handling hazardous waste, fuel oil, spill oil and chemicals as well as residue from sandblasting of vessels. Such routines include collecting hazardous wastes and spillage that are sent to specialized waste deposits for recycling.
In addition, the yards have established emergency teams and systems for handling inter alia oil spills and leakages.
With regard to our environmental focus on our products, we constantly monitor and assess key factors in the market for offshore support and specialized vessels. These factors include new environmental standards and regulations, safety regulations and advanced operations – which demand new technological solutions.
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