Health and safety

VARD aims to maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards lapses in workplace safety through comprehensive health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) efforts.

We believe that all accidents can and should be avoided, whether it’s personal injury, ​damage to property, or harm to the environment. We work continuously to raise awareness about, and improve, our performance in HSE-related matters.
Our facilities and operations are governed by local laws and regulations related to worker’s health and safety at the workplace. Appropriate precautions are taken to protect employees and others from workplace injuries and harmful exposures to materials that are handled and managed at our facilities.
Our yards have established on-site clinics together with local hospitals, and implemented a voluntary medical insurance programme, in order to help employees recover quicker from personal injuries and maintain a good health condition.
Recently, we have implemented a common reporting system, known as “Synergi“, which encourages our employees to report their observations of any potential safety hazards for prevention purposes as well as other relevant HSE issues.​
We believe this system has improved our ability to identify and analyze hazards associated with tools, equipment and work procedures and their trends. In addition, we have implemented an HSE key performance indicator program pursuant to which our yards are required to meticulously record observations on safety-related incidents.
We believe that such reporting and handling of safety observations, and the resulting execution of preventative actions, have proven to be effective tools for reducing and preventing accidents. As the number of recorded safety observations has increased, we have seen an inverse relationship between the number of safety observations and the number of accidents occurring at the yards.
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