Sustainable and efficient operations at sea and on land

VARD’s specialized subsidiary, Vard Aqua, is a leading equipment supplier with more than 30 years of experience in the aquaculture industry. Working closely with our customers, Vard Aqua develops fish farming technology to help build sustainable and efficient operations – inshore, offshore, at sea and on land.

Aqualog hovedbilde

Much of the food needed to feed the world’s growing population will come from the seas

The aquaculture industry has a complex mission at hand, the mission to feed the world. Our ambition is to be a catalyst for the industry’s growth, to enhance its performance and sustainability with our equipment and solutions.

Vard Aqua operates in Norway, Chile and Scotland. We provide products and solutions within biomass control, feeding systems for land-based operations, oxygen supply for both sea operations and land-based farms and logging systems for the cage environment.