Ship design

Vard Design was established based on our long experience and competence in the shipyards. We deliver designs for standardized – as well as highly advanced – vessels with significant customer-specified adaptations.

The close cooperation with the ship owners is a key factor in the process of designing specialized vessels. Experience and know-how are transferred and incorporated into the designs in close cooperation with the yards, ship owners and representatives in the maritime industry, operators and equipment suppliers.

Design concepts

Vard Design creates vessels with a great variety of purposes. Our designers are working to optimize the vessels characteristics in relation to sea conditions, as a workplace and residence and work assignments to be performed for the offshore industry.

The designs are developed with high focus on safety, cost optimization, fuel economy and environmental considerations.  All of these are in accordance with the company’s strategic environmental program.

Research and development

Research and development are central to the business strategy program. Our facilitation of research projects has improved the vessels characteristics and also revealed new niche markets for business. 

Vard Design focuses on innovation as a dynamic process, and is constantly in search for new and improved solutions. Developing state-of-the-art designs, which provide ever higher performance and more value for our customers, is always our main priority. 

Vard Design offers innovative solutions for the offshore industry, creating business opportunities for our customers.

Vard marine

Vard Marine specializes in the development of advanced technology and its application to offshore and specialized vessel designs. Its portfolio ranges from offshore support vessels, offshore subsea construction vessels, semi-submersibles, and icebreakers to research, naval and patrol vessels, and complements VARD's existing product portfolio of vessel designs and equipment.

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