SeaQ Bridge

The SeaQ® Bridge product area includes a wide selection of navigation and communication products controlled and operated from the vessel’s bridge, such as radar plants and electronic chart displays, bridge alert management, fixed and wireless communication systems etc. All systems can be integrated with our maneuvering chairs and bridge consoles.
We also provide ship-wide information systems such as computer networks, alarms systems, Public Address systems, and infotainment packages for the crew. Our solutions are based on a strong understanding of industry standards and classification requirements. A complete package delivery from Vard Electro means that the customer has a single point of contact for the delivery, maintenance and service.

SeaQ® Communication (SeaQ Com)

A complete and modern communication platform with a highly expandable architecture, using central racks and modules designed for efficient installation, operation and remote maintenance.
Example of products:
Public address
General Alarm
Telephone System

SeaQ Navigation and Communication (SeaQ NavCom)

A selection of products from market leading NavCom vendors, adapted to the class requirements and functional needs of your vessel, engineered to fit the detailed layout (GA) and commissioned on site.
Example of products:

SeaQ Bridge

A complete and integrated arrangement built around all available components, including complete NavCom and Communication packages:
SeaQ Bridge Chair
SeaQ Bridge Console
SeaQ Propulsion Control
SeaQ Integration Framework
SeaQ Bridge Watch System

SeaQ Bridge Alert Management (BAM)

A stand-alone delivery platform (also known as BAM) with several independently activated applications.
Example of products:
SeaQ Bridge BNWAS
SeaQ Bridge CAM
SeaQ Bridge Deck Lights
SeaQ Bridge Window Heating
SeaQ Bridge Phone Directory
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