SeaQ Power

The SeaQ Power product area includes a complete set of intelligent power system solutions and components that generate, distribute and control power on board vessels.
Within this category, you will find distributions and conversion for both low- and medium voltage. Shore power and energy storage system to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gasses.
Vard Electro has a long track record working with all elements of power systems for vessels, developing reliable power system solutions and components adapted to various types of vessels and in line with customer’s preferences.

SeaQ Power Conversion

SeaQ Power Conversion is tailor-made for Diesel-Electric propulsion, with marinized drives, meeting the needs of critical power conversion systems. With products from of 0.2kW to 6MW and from 380 up to 690VAC voltages. We are constantly improving the power conversion systems, enabling greater energy-savings and increased productivity, with purpose-designed features and functionality.
Examples of products:
Multi Drives

SeaQ Micro Grid Converter

SeaQ Power Micro Grid Converter optimizes power systems to increases safety, cut operational costs, decreases environmental footprint, and give the operator the best operating conditions. Easy mode changes sets up you power system seamlessly to meet demanding operations.
The shaft generator can operate both directions giving you stable power to hotel load, and deck machinery or boosting the propeller when maximum propulsion power is needed. The shaft generator also gives you the redundancy needed for take me home requirements.
Examples of products:
SeaQ Shore Connection
Shore Power connection

Read more about the SeaQ Micro Grid Converter here (norwegian)

SeaQ Energy Storage System (ESS)

The SeaQ Energy Storage System store excess energy available in the vessel or energy from shore connections and use it later to reduce fuel consumption and optimize the performance of your vessel.
The system can be used as a spinning reserve, to enhance dynamic response, to perform peak shaving of loads, for strategic loading where the operating point of the gensets are optimized or for battery only operations with zero emission.
Examples of products:
Energy Storage (batteries)
Energy Storage Converter
Energy Management System (EMS)


• 24/7 operation of battery-only ferries
• Replacing battery packs during ferry offloading/loading
• Solves the challenging Shore Connection problem
• Solve the Ferry Terminals Power Grid infrastructure
• Eliminates shock charging of batteries
• Known in-house technology within VARD, e.g., Seaonics heave compensated gangways
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