Supplier expectations

We appreciate the good relationships with our suppliers, and the value they create for our company and our customers. Our suppliers play an important role in our commitment to deliver on time, budget, and quality. VARD aspire to work with suppliers who are committed to sustainable development, and are environmentally, socially, and economically responsible.

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Vision Zero

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is our first priority and we expect our suppliers to be committed to our company-wide effort Vision Zero, aimed at avoiding any mishaps, for our people as well as the environment. As a supplier to VARD you must comply with applicable laws and regulations. When working at VARDs premises, we are all ONE team, and we expect that you follow our internal rules and regulations contributing to a safe working environment for all of us. Here you can watch our HSE videos intended to show our internal HSE routines and best practices.

Ethical business practice

VARD is built on trust and ethical business conduct is at the core of our culture. We continuously use our ethical guidelines as a guide to ethical business practice to ensure that we comply with legislation and our core values both internally and externally.

VARD follows the conditions in ORGALIMEs General conditions for the supply and installation of mechanical, electrical and electronic products.