Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

VARD's vision is to lead the green and technological transition in maritime operations through research and innovation.

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VARD is leading the transition to future zero emission ships and is partnering with customers, technology providers, educational and research institutions to realize sustainable business at sea.

The shift to a sustainable future at sea with zero emission ships is made possible by combining innovation and out of the box thinking with solid shipbuilding experience.

The maritime sector aims to reduce its GHG emissions down to zero by 2050. (Source: IMO) Current predictions is that zero emission vessels can be achieved by the end of the decade. We believe that with a dedicated effort by shipbuilders,

ship owners, technology providers, energy companies, and regulators it can be done muchfaster. Current development on short sea shipping in Norway proves this, such as battery-driven ferries and the first commercial hydrogen-driven vessel.

Zero emission

VARD has developed the concept VARD ZeroClass that is ready to order, and we are ready to engineer and build vessels with carbon-neutral fuel as the primary energy source. VARD’s ZeroClass is a brand that can be applied to designs powered by both hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol, or full electric. These designs feature genuinely integrated solutions - our mantra for all our projects regardless.

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Zero Class Ships

Design tools

We strive to find the best solutions to enhance the cost efficiency and operational characteristics of vessels with the aim to reduce emissions and cost. Our innovations range from specialized hulls for minimized resistance in the water to configuring vessels for new energy carriers.

All vessels we design are intended to fulfill a specific mission, often in harsh sea conditions. We also go the extra mile to meet customers’ specific requirements and to maximize operational effectiveness in a competitive market.

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Battery-driven power and propulsion systems are seen as the optimal solution to minimize the environmental footprint of SOVs, which are used for crew transfers and logistics in relation to wind turbine maintenance and account for a high proportion of emissions in wind farm operations, and our innovative Ocean Charger product enables these vessels to charge their batteries on-site. Vard Group is also driving progress towards full electrification of top side equipment and vessel power systems.

Rem Power is the first vessel in the world to test the Ocean charger solution full scale.

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Vard Group builds cybersecure, remote controlled and autonomous vessel solutions and client services.

Vard Group aims to facilitate a new generation of larger robotic vessels with the launch of SeaQ Remote to provide centralized remote operation of automated ship control systems and deck machinery in support of lean crewing, lower costs, safety and sustainability.

SeaQ Remote will see its debut delivery on a total of 14 newbuild marine robotic vessels contracted with VARD. The vessels are designed to unify the SeaQ suite of automation systems into a single user interfacewith the full range of remotefunctionality from shore.

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Some of our projects

In addition to the projects mentioned above we mention a few more of our research and innovation projects.

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Sea Zero

VARD designs Hurtigruten's Sea Zero project to create the First Zero-Emission Cruise Ship.

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Piezo simulation


Through the PIEZO project, VARD has developed a concept design for a PSV using batteries as the primary energy source together with offshore charging.

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VARD is participating in the Blåvinge project to unlock potential for green energy future.

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