Ship design

Full-service designer of specialized vessels

For many years we’ve been at the forefront of drawing up and building highly customized and advanced vessels for customers worldwide.

A step forward - exterior

Safety rules the roost

We strive to find the best sustainable solutions to enhance the cost efficiency and operational characteristics of vessels to reduce emissions, but we never compromise on the comfort and safety of the crew. Our innovations range from specialized hulls for least resistance through water to configuring vessels for new energy carriers.

All the vessels we design are intended to fulfill a specific mission, often in harsh sea conditions. The ocean is an unforgiving master. We also go the extra mile to meet customers’ specific requirements and to maximize operational effectiveness in a competitive market.

We divide our designs into separate streams called VARD-Series that focus on different maritime market segments. Find your preferred VARD-Series below.

It pays to look ahead

As guardians of design knowledge and forward-thinking creatives, we keep close tabs on the market and are strongly motivated to hand over ships that deliver consistent high performance over their lifetime.

Our designs are constantly being tweaked and improved through ongoing research-and-development (R&D), benefitting from the deep insight and experience we’ve accumulated over many decades of successful deliveries.

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