Comfortable indoor conditions for sailing all over the world

We create a pleasant working- and living environment throughout the vessel providing passengers and crew a comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy consumption.

HVAC - air handling

Tailor-made solutions around the world

We design, build and provide sustainable HVAC-R systems to reduce the vessel's energy consumption while having a comfortable indoor environment.

Our team follows the projects from first stage until handover, providing engineering, equipment, installation, start-up, commissioning, and training.

Ventilation and air conditioning

We provide turn-key solutions for ventilation and air conditioning for new buildings and conversions. Through close cooperation in our supply chain, we carefully select quality equipment and competencies.

Our team of engineers calculate air consumption including heat/ loss for every room in the vessel, followed by start-ups of the systems and detailed settings of parameters ensuring system efficiency.

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Health and safety

Reducing and preventing spread of airborne infections are more important than ever.

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Through the HVAC system we can minimize the possibility of contagion among passengers, increase air quality and healthiness of the ship environments. The safe air will provide a constant disinfection action to supplied air and sanitize indoor environment through a non-toxic and biodegradable air spread product. Effectiveness of the system is proved above 99% by third party laboratory.

In the early stages of our projects, we outline the right level of protection together with our customer. In case of a vessel refurbishment, we redesign and rebuild the HVAC system to a higher level of protection on existing installations.


Safe storage and preserving of food, drinks are essential for passenger’s and crew’s health, while also reducing waste and caring for our resources and environment. Our turn-key solutions ensure safe storage and performance according to requirements. We work closely with market leader manufacturers of compressor units and control systems to offer comprehensive customized turn-key packages.

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Energy saving solutions

Our energy saving solutions include insulation, heat recovery, control of ventilation according to where crew and passengers are staying, and using equipment that reduces the need for cooling.

In close cooperation with our customers, we strive to find smart solutions on how to build up and control the HVAC-R system. With a long-term economic and environmental perspective, we develop solutions to simplify owner operational management, offering extensions of assets’ life and improving reliability, comfort, and energy efficiency of the HVAC-R system.

Spare parts, upgrades and repairs

Spare parts
Spare parts can be supplied for all delivered equipment. Recommendations for critical spare parts that are important to have on board, and listing of parts that need regular service and replacement, like filters and other parts, follow our delivery. We also offer our service in providing parts in need of regular replacement.

Our service engineers travel around the world on service assignments like ventilation cleaning, measuring and readjustment of HVAC systems. We also provide all sorts of winter and summer testing of the HVAC systems during operation.

Refurbishment and upgrades
We offer all kinds of upgrades of HVAC-R systems. When a new system is required, we provide engineering, calculation, installation, and commissioning. We also offer our guidance on finding solutions to upgrade systems to meet future needs.


In our training programs you will develop operational expertise and build energy saving behavior in managing of the systems. This is a good investment for the shipowner in order to get the most from the HVAC-R solutions and to keep energy consumption on a minimal level.

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