The VARD Series

The VARD Series comprises a broad range of ship designs.


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Platform Supply Vessels

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) are able to perform a variety of tasks to support offshore operations. Cargo capacity and maneuvering capabilities combined with low fuel consumption are our main focus areas when designing PSVs.

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Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels

Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) mainly perform anchor handling duties and towage of offshore drilling units and floating production units. Cargo and bulk in tanks are placed below deck, and a large free deck area ensures the flexibility to run deck operations.

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Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels

Offshore Subsea Construction Vessels (OSCV) perform subsea operations and maintenance work, including pipe laying, subsea construction, diving support, ROV support, well intervention and well stimulation. Optimal mission performance and high capabilities are among the main focus areas.

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Offshore Renewables

This series comprises a range of vessel solutions supporting the entire offshore renewables value chain, including offshore wind, tidal and wave power. One of the core products within this series is a wind farm support vessel with high focus on efficient logistics, crew and technician comfort, and high operability.

Adventure and Passenger Vessels

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Designed and built with an emphasis on superior passenger comfort and environmental performance, our cruise vessels and yachts are developed for navigating waters in the most challenging and vulnerable environments, from arctic to tropical conditions. The series also includes RO-PAX vessels (Roll-On-Roll-Off Passenger vessels) designed for efficient logistics, fuel-efficiency and passenger comfort.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

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Fishing Vessels

This series includes a variety of vessels, platforms and barges within fisheries and aquaculture, able to perform functions such as live fish transportation and treatment, fish feed, and fish farm operation and maintainance. All our fisheries and aquaculture vessels are developed with focus on environmental sustainibility through innovative solutions.

Other Specialized Vessels

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Other Specialized Vessels

Specialized vessels are tailormade to customer-specific requirements and needs. This series includes vessel types such as research and coast guard vessels, special purpose cable layers, seismic vessels and icebreakers.