Our values

Our values are not just words. They represent who we are as a company. They show we care deeply about our co-workers, our customers and the societies and communities in which we operate. Our values guide us, empower us and drive us forward - just as they did for our colleagues decades ago.

VARD - People at work in Vard Tulcea


What we all do requires a high level of knowledge, dedication, and skill. The technologically advanced ships of today are more complicated to construct than any other vessels in history. Across our workforce we depend utterly on each other’s skills and attention to detail. As a collaborative team, we always seek to perfect every aspect of the building process. Therefore:

  • We are highly skilled
  • We innovate, create and seek new solutions
  • We are hands-on
  • We have a proud history
  • Our knowledge is passed on through generations
  • We seek continuous improvements and share best practices
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We are a company with employees spread over large parts of the world, with diverse cultures, languages, and backgrounds, but we still belong together as a team. We all work for common goals, for the client’s best. At VARD, we care about each individual, about our teams and society as a whole. Concern for Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) is a top priority for our business, and our company’s well-being rests firmly upon it. Every employee has a right to a safe work environment and setting high standards for a safe workplace strengthens our bond with the local communities where we operate. We all aim to be leaders and role models, and we are all empowered with great responsibility. Therefore:

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is our first priority
  • We value diversity
  • We are friendly and caring
  • We are ONE team with the same goals and interests
  • Our local strength builds global competitiveness
  • We are open and honest
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Here at VARD we always put the customer first. Meeting our customers’ demands and delivering exceptional results and solutions, is the most important thing we do. We depend on a good dialogue with customers, and strong cooperation between sales and operations. This gives us the ability to foresee the way our business will develop and always stay ahead. Always! For each and every one of us, in any department, in any shipyard, in any country, focusing on customer needs is our most important job. Therefore:

  • We focus on our customer’s needs in all we do
  • We are flexible and agile
  • We deliver on time, budget, and quality
  • We value long term relationship
  • We take initiative and follow through

Our Core Values

Our values guide us, empower us and drive us forward - just as they did for our colleagues decades ago.