Sponsorships (Norway only)

As a company, we believe in investing in the future.

VARD wants activity and involvement in the local communities where we operate. We know that a significant amount of effort is put into voluntary work aimed at children and young people in our community. We want to support this work.

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Diversity and breadth

VARD supports the diversity and breadth of sports, culture and other socially beneficial initiatives for children and young people through clubs and organizations that have activities were many can attend. We mainly support the daily operation of these teams and organizations.

VARD is an important player in our communities. We create many jobs that have positive ripple effects, and we want to contribute as far as we can through sponsorship of activities for children and youth.

What the application should include

  • Name of the club/ organization
  • Activities offered
  • Number of members, children, and adolescents 0-25 years
  • Suggestions for how VARD can be profiled
  • Any deadlines
  • Contact person
  • Account details
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Address

Some events may be eligible for support if VARD's sponsorship budget allows it.

In this case, we would like information about:

  • Who is the organizer of the event
  • When will the event take place
  • Where will it take place
  • Who attends or visits the event
  • Any deadlines
  • What does the revenue from the operation/event go to
  • Suggestions for how VARD can be profiled

We do not support the following

  • Graduation celebration, cars, busses, and student sponsor week
  • May 17th program (due to many school funds/ May 17th event in our region)
  • Individuals
  • Political parties and events
  • Religious groups
  • Travels

When to apply?

We encourage clubs and organizations to submit applications by the end of February. Applications received later in the year will be processed in September, subject to budget. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to submit a joint application for support for operations. We enter into agreements for one year at a time.

Any support VARD provides must be in line with VARD's Ethical guidelines. VARD reserves the right to check whether the applicant team or organization has activities that comply with our Ethical guidelines and measures taken against unethical business conduct.

Read more about VARD's guidelines for awarding sponsorship funds.

Follow this link to send your application. (Norwegian)