A December to remember

During December 2023, VARD had its highest order intake during a month in our entire history. Since the first shipyard was established in 1938, this month has been all time high.

25. January 2024

0515 VARD soviknes tonemolnes 2023 4 O4 A1383

Contracts for close to 8 billion NOK

During December 2023 Vard Group signed contracts for close to 8 billion NOK.

CEO in VARD, Alberto Maestrini says these signings of course are important for the group:

- The contracts secure work for our employees and make it possible for us to develop the company’s financial situation further. We have had red numbers for years, and these signings, together with dedicated work to be more efficient, are enabling us to have better control of the future of the company.

Vard BK1 A5773 foto Kristin Stoylen

Need for more employees

The record high order intake also affects Vard’s need for more employees:

- In addition to the recruitment we did in 2023, we need to for example employ close to 150 new employees in Norway during 2024, Alberto Maestrini says. - We need both engineers and skilled workers in all our companies; Vard Electro, Vard Interiors, Seaonics, Vard Design, and at our yards.

Increased number of apprentices

VARD has already increased the number of apprentices in Norway for next year and has recruited among students ready to start work after finishing their studies this summer. Per now, Vard Group has 1 260 employees in Norway and approximately 7 300 employees globally. - But there are room for more, Maestrini says.

0515 VARD soviknes tonemolnes 2023 4 O4 A1254

Important for the maritime cluster

Maestrini underlines that VARD does not stand alone in this, in the maritime clusters and societies connected to shipbuilding and engineering, everyone is dependent on each other.

- The workers in our companies - including at our yards, have their life and family in the local communities. VARD is the main company in many of these societies, and give a considerable ripple effect. So, this December is not only important for VARD, but for all our fellow shipbuilders, competitors, suppliers, the local grocery store, and the whole society, says Alberto Maestrini.