A Journey through VARD's career pathways

- Since September 2014, I've been part of the VARD family, and over the years, my journey within the company has been an exciting exploration of different roles and responsibilities, says Camilla Johansen, Business Developer at Vard Electro in Tennfjord, Norway.

22. April 2024

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As Business Development Manager, Camilla works to identify and develop new business opportunities for the company. This entails building and maintaining relationships with potential customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

It all started at Vard Søviknes

From the very beginning as a warehouse worker at Vard Electro's warehouse in Søvik, Camilla has had the opportunity to develop through various positions and career choices that have shaped her career significantly.

- My first step into VARD was as a warehouse worker, where I was responsible for handling spare parts orders, service orders, and warranty orders. This role gave me a solid understanding of the warehouse operations and logistics, as well as an introduction to project shipments and production orders, she explains.

From spare parts to leading projects

Since then, Camilla got the opportunity to work as a spare parts coordinator in Retrofit & Service that contributed to expanding her understanding of the sales process and customer contact. As the company underwent organizational changes in 2021, she was offered a new position as a Life Cycle Coordinator.

She did not stop there. In 2022, she took the next step and became the leader of the spare parts team at Retrofit & Service, before starting to work in the project department in 2023.

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I thrive on new opportunities, and I truly value the different positions I've had in VARD for my personal development. But what's most important to me is the opportunity I have had to collaborate across various departments and contribute positively to improvement initiatives throughout the organization.

– Camilla Johansen

It is all about the people

Looking back, it is one thing Camilla truly has appreciated working in VARD: - The best part of my job is all the amazing people I work with. It might sound like a cliché, but at VARD, it's actually true. The amount of knowledge and determination we have at VARD is something you won't easily find elsewhere.

- If I were to give advice to someone considering working in the maritime industry or VARD, it would be to go for it. The maritime industry and the sense of community we have here in Sunnmøre is truly unique, Camilla concludes.

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