Charlotte propelled her way from apprentice to Service Engineer

With curiosity as her driving force, Charlotte Vindsnes constantly seeks understanding to master her field. This hunger for knowledge has resulted in an array of opportunities within VARD.

12. April 2024

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Grew up with VARD

– I grew up with VARD. It felt like everyone I knew had a connection with the company. In addition, I started accompanying my father to Rolls Royce at an early age, asking questions to learn more about how things worked. In many ways I feel like the maritime industry has always been a part of my life, says Charlotte.

Shaping her future

Her technology career in VARD began with an apprenticeship in the electric company Bra Elektro. They have worked closely with VARD for several years and during her apprenticeship she worked at multiple VARD locations. Charlotte was fascinated by the maritime industry and decided to pursue a career in Vard Electro.

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Thanks to the trust VARD has shown me since day one, I have grown both professionally and personally. The trust enabled me to explore and dare to take on new challenges

– Charlotte

Curious to know more

After embracing new skills within installation for a while, Charlotte was curious to know more about the service department. No wonder, since travelling is a big part of the everyday life of a Service Engineer.

Big company – even bigger possibilities

– VARD is a big company. For me that means opportunities. When I was eager to learn more about working as a Service Engineer, I got the chance to dive into it. We have offices all over the world, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil, and the USA for example. Being able to work while travelling the world seemed perfect to me, Charlotte explains.

However, when the first opportunity to travel abroad came along, she wasn’t so sure anymore.

– I had worked so hard before the trip and it was tempting to just stay at home. But sailing from Søvika in Norway to the Antarctic with Viking Octantis turned out to be amazing. I was filled with such a euphoric feeling. You can’t imagine how powerful it is, she says.

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Dare to ask

Since then she has traveled quite a bit in South America, and even Australia, all by herself.

– I’m so grateful for everything I get to see and learn. Especially travelling in South America has made me appreciate how lucky I am.

It’s safe to say that Charlotte would not have accomplished all this without her curiosity. She encourages young talents to dare to ask.

– Don’t be ashamed to ask about anything. The eagerness to understand is crucial to succeeding. You have to be willing to learn, Charlotte explains.

Encourages young women to make untraditional choices

– It’s cool to be so updated on the green shift. We get to work hands-on with tomorrow’s solutions, and that brings a strong feeling of mastery every day, she says.

Personally, she thrives when a lot is going on and never lacks new challenges. The only thing she would love to add is even more female colleagues.

– More young women are finding their way into technology in the maritime industry today. We have just as much to say and I truly recommend giving it a go!

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