Gema – a security architect guided by curiosity and openness

In her newfound home, the coastal haven of Ålesund, the Spanish security architect Gema Baldo Llorca intertwines her passion for technology with scenic views amidst majestic Norwegian fjords.

12. April 2024

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– I’ve loved the area since I first visited Ålesund. Today I am lucky enough to call it my home and have settled here with my Norwegian boyfriend. Before moving here, I was looking for a professional challenge and cybersecurity has always interested me. When I saw an open position as Security Architect at VARD I simply had to apply. During my job interview I instantly felt this was the right place for me, says Gema.

Her IT (Information Technology) background made her the perfect candidate and it didn’t take long before Gema found herself protecting both systems and people from the ever-evolving cyber threats looming in the maritime industry.

Increasing the resiliency of VARD

– Working with cybersecurity can be quite frustrating. It’s impossible to be 100 % secure, but once you come to peace with that, it’s rewarding to know that you’re contributing to the cyber resilience of VARD, she explains.

It’s without a doubt a job demanding a high degree of focus. Not only to solve the tasks themselves but to keep updated with the latest technologies and threats. Gema gets her energy from her spare time activities.

– Painting helps me to disconnect. At the same time, it helps me to focus, which is crucial in my job. I spend quite a lot of time reading, listening to music, and researching, Gema says.

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A constant pursuit of knowledge

Guided by her openness and curiosity, Gema navigates both her professional and personal worlds in an inspirational way.

– Technology is evolving at a scary speed. The same goes for cyber threats. Whenever a new technology is introduced, there is a new way to exploit it. You can’t rely on what you already know but always explore. For me, every day at work is a learning experience, explains Gema.

In her pursuit of knowledge, she remains receptive to new ideas and perspectives, fostering continuous growth and curiosity.

I tend to ask a lot of questions. Not only to the people in my team and not only at work.

– Gema Baldo Llorca

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Can’t imagine living or working elsewhere

Her open mind also ensures she doesn’t miss an opportunity to try out a new hobby or enjoy newly discovered views.

– I just wish I was braver when learning to ski, she laughs.

When asked what her future looks like, Gema can’t imagine living or working elsewhere.

– Here I can gain expertise and experience in an exciting international company while enjoying nature. Both while hiking and while painting it. In addition, I get to travel to Spain during the darkest months in Norway. I also have the opportunity to attend conferences abroad. It’s perfect, she says.