Internship – a valuable experience

Elias Bakke is a student at NTNU well underway with his master`s degree in Marine Technology, with a specialization in Cybernetics. The desire to challenge himself with real work tasks led him to a summer internship in Vard Design in 2023. - I was offered several different, concrete, and exciting tasks that were both relevant and challenging, Elias says. When the summer came to an end he chose to stay in VARD as an intern alongside with his studies.

22. January 2024

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Why did you choose Vard Design for your internship?

I wanted to be an intern at Vard Design because it gave me the opportunity to challenge and further develop the knowledge I have acquired through my studies, in a real and professional environment. I think it is important getting in direct contact with skilled professionals that I can learn from.

What kind of tasks do you work on?

My primary task has been to develop a program and associated database from scratch for Vard Design's Hydro department. The program enables us to compare data in a different way than what has been done before. It was quite challenging to start from scratch, but I experienced getting all the help I needed along the way. The program is now operational, and I am excited seeing how it works during testing.

How it is to be an intern at Vard Design?

I really enjoy it. The professional environment is challenging and stimulating, providing numerous learning opportunities. I also really appreciate the social environment here.

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Were you familiar with VARD before starting your internship?

Growing up in Sunnmøre, VARD is a company that I have known for long. As a former automation apprentice, I sent many cabinets to VARD`s shipyards, contributing to a pre-existing familiarity with the company.

What are your plans going forward after completing your internship at Vard Design?

First, I am heading to Genoa, Italy, for an exchange program through NTNU until June. Following the exchange program, I'll be entering my final year at NTNU. After that, I'm exploring various opportunities, with Vard Design ranking among the top candidates for my career consideration.

Would you recommend Vard Design to others considering an internship?

Yes, absolutely!