New ISO certification to Vard Electro

We are proud to share that Vard Electro has been awarded ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, in addition to previous certifications ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management. ISO certification is awarded by DNV, the international classification and certification society.

26. April 2024


Implementation of new ISO standard

The implementation of this new ISO standard has been run as an Vard Electro Continuous Improvement Project, with support from the management, and with the mission to establish that “Vard Electro is working with Employee Health and Work Environment in a systematic way both in regards to mental and physical health”.

Nurturing a good work environment is about educating the organisation on HSE related topics and strive to obtain best possible physical safe work environment, but also a mentally safe space where employees truly feel a sense of belonging, support and inclusion in the workplace.

Bertil Arntsen

"It is important for us to highlight that a safe work environment is the company’s top priority, and mental wellbeing is an obvious part of this."

– Bertil Arntsen, HSE Manager in Vard Electro

Initiatives for a good work environment

Some of the inspiring initiatives have been established to improve the Occupational Health and Safety performance in Vard Electro;

• HSE day – yearly event with external speakers on relevant topics like OH&S, AKAN and the World Mental Health Day

• Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling Policy established – clarifying expectations regarding these topics and that support is available when needed.

• Monthly HSE newsletters – creating awareness regarding HSE related topics.

• Vard Social – facilitates social activities for employees and their families.

• Occupational Health Service – available for consultations one day pr month in work locations.

• Friday Morning Coffee – monthly townhall meetings - internal speakers sharing insights from their areas of expertise

We deeply care of the safety and wellness of our employees. Interested in a career in Vard? Come join our amazing team.