REM signs contract with Vard Electro for a vessel retrofit project

Vard Electro has secured an order with REM to deliver a complete SeaQ Energy Storage System package for a vessel retrofit as the shipowner is proactively upgrading its fleet with hybrid power in pursuit of greener and safer operations with lower fuel costs.

12. April 2023

REM Commander2

The newly signed contract covers a comprehensive SeaQ package that includes energy storage system, drives, energy management system, and power management system, which will be installed onboard the Platform Supply Vessel “REM Commander” by the end of the year.

“The flexibility of the SeaQ technology that enables it to be easily integrated with the vessel’s existing systems, as well as its advanced functionality were key factors in our selection of Vard Electro for this retrofit”, says Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Chief Commercial Officer in REM. “With the company’s track record of delivering SeaQ Energy Storage Systems we are confident that we have selected the best partner on our way to more sustainable operations”.

By upgrading to hybrid technology, the shipowner stands to gain significant benefits, including reduced operational costs and the possibility of reduction in fuel consumption by up to 20%.

The flexibility of the SeaQ technology and its advanced functionality were key factors in our selection of Vard Electro for this retrofit

– Ronny Pål Kvalsvik, Chief Commercial Officer in REM

Vard Electro is an established player in the maritime industry with vast experience in delivering hybrid technology to the offshore segment. We appreciate the trust that REM is giving us as this will be the first vessel in their fleet to be upgraded with battery technology”, says Svein Arne Langva, Sales Manager in Vard Electro.

With increasingly stringent sustainability regulations in place, vessel owners are actively seeking ways to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency. The adoption of battery technology provides an ideal means of achieving these goals, as it offers numerous benefits such as improved sustainability, reduced emissions, and long-term cost savings. As such, it is a compelling option for shipowners seeking to navigate the changing landscape of the maritime industry.

REM Commander

We appreciate the trust that REM is giving us as this will be the first vessel in their fleet to be upgraded with battery technology

– Svein Arne Langva, Sales Manager in Vard Electro

The SeaQ Energy Storage System will be used as a spinning reserve in place of generator sets, enabling the vessel to run on fewer engines with more optimal load while still maintaining the requirement for redundancy. An added benefit with batteries is peak shaving that takes the strain off the engines during big load variations by levelling the power and delaying the need for engines to restart.

This results in significantly lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs due to less wear-and-tear on engines.

A significant benefit of an energy storage system is that it enhances the responsiveness of propulsion and other systems due to instant power response in line with load variations, offsetting slower ramp speeds with less responsive engines” Langva says.

This is particularly useful for offshore support vessels that are heavily dependent on DP systems for fast maneuverability in safety-critical situations, he explains.

Signed contract with VARD for the design and construction of CSOVs

In 2021 REM signed a contract with VARD Group on the delivery of two new Construction Service Operations Vessels, where the first vessel is set to be delivered in the first half of 2023. Both vessels will be equipped with a comprehensive SeaQ package including cutting-edge solutions for power, bridge, communication, and automation systems onboard. Vard Electro will also be responsible for the system integration of the vessels’ propulsion systems.

Vard Electro

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REM Offshore

Rem Offshore was founded in 2017 and currently operates a fleet of 18 vessels, comprising thirteen platform supply vessels, one CSOV, two offshore construction vessels and two seismic vessels. The vessel fleet has a low average age, making it one of the most modern fleets in the current market. The company’s head office is in Fosnavaag, in the maritime business cluster on the north-west coast of Norway.

REM Commander2