SEAONICS launches a new all-electric gangway for the offshore wind market

SEAONICS accelerates the trend towards electrification and autonomous operations in the renewable offshore wind energy market with the launch of a brand new, all-electric and autonomous gangway that makes all cargo and personnel handling greener and safer.

28. January 2022

Seaonics ECMC Gangway

Focus on renewability and sustainability

The latest addition to the Service Offshore Vessel (SOV) concept is called the Seaonics ECMC (Electric Controlled Motion Compensated) Gangway.

“With an increased focus on renewability and sustainability, we at Seaonics are very proud to launch a fully electric gangway, which will meet the growing demand for smart solutions within the SOV market,” says Ståle Fure, Sales Manager Offshore Wind at Seaonics.

As a specialist in advanced handling systems, with a strong background in deck logistics solutions, Seaonics has developed an SOV concept for efficient cargo and personnel handling. With increased demand for autonomous operations and functions, the company has developed an Auto-landing system based on camera and sensor technology to minimize the risk of human errors during critical operations.

Provides many significant benefits for the customers

Senior System Engineer Tom Giske, who has been central in the development of the SOV concept, says that the new autonomous and all-electric technology provides many significant benefits for the customers: ”For example, the all-electric drive system minimizes risk for oil spill, it provides low power consumptions in idling mode, regeneration of power to the vessel power grid, and the autonomous landing mode system ensures safer and faster operations at sea,” he explains.

“The new Seaonics ECMC Gangway design is based on Seaonics’ philosophy of electrifying all handling operations at sea, combined with our extensive experience in control system delivery to the same market. We now look forward to engaging in discussions with customers and operators to help them become the best in the world at sustainable ocean space operations,” concludes Fure and Giske enthusiastic.

Ståle Fure og Tom Giske

Ståle Fure (left) and Tom Giske believe that Seaonics' new all-electric gangway has great sales potential in the growing offshore wind market.