Signed and constructed during the pandemic. Delivered as planned.

Stern trawler Akraberg was delivered from Vard Brattvaag to Framherji 30 June 2022. This marked a milestone in a project that has been on track from day one.

17. October 2023

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Delivered on time and on budget

Let's take you back in time. The spring of 2020 when the contract was signed, the industry was highly affected by the covid pandemic and a war in Europe, a combination that could really put a damper on project implementation.

Despite the turmoil, VARD, together with our partners, still managed to deliver Akraberg on time and on budget. An achievement that can make most people nod in appreciation.

Good cooperation is key

- Our integrated value chain the and the excellent cooperation with Framherji and subcontractors, made it possible to deliver Akraberg on time and budget, says Project Manager Gunnar Eik in VARD.

The day after the delivery, the naming ceremony for new build 929 took place at the quay at Vard Brattvaag in beautiful sunshine weather with hundreds of guests from the shipyard, Framherji and partners. It really became a mark for the memory book. Just after the bottle had been broken and the dancing shoes were put on the shelf, it was time for Akraberg and her crew to set sail.

One year later, in September 2023, Akraberg is back at Vard Brattvaag for its warranty docking, and we sat down with Technical Director, Svenning Hansen, to hear how the first year on the big blue sea has been.

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Life on board Akraberg has lived up to our expectations.

– Svenning Hansen Technical Director in Framherji.

Home away from home

Life on board Akraberg has lived up to our expectations. The vessel has worked very well, says Svenning, who can say that the vessel has been in full operation since delivery fishing in the Barents Sea and at Svalbard.

There are now 24 men on board per shift, and with shifts lasting between 4 to 8 weeks, it is important that the crew settle in well. In many ways Akraberg is their second home. - The crew are very satisfied with the vessel and its facilities. With a training room, jacuzzi and good living areas, the vessel definitely makes them comfortable, says Svenning.

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The crew is from the Faroe Islands and during our visit we got to experience the good atmosphere on board when we met some of them.

Svenning has nothing but praise in his description of the collaboration with VARD. - Throughout the process, VARD has been a good partner who has been keen to find the best solutions. The collaboration has worked well from day one, he says.

State-of-the-art vessel

VARD's shipyards in Norway have in the past built more than 40 fishing vessels and trawlers to Faroese ship owners. - The vessels VARD has delivered to the Faroe Island in the past were highly innovative at the time and a leap forward for the fishing industry. The trawler Akraberg is no exception, it is a state-of-the-art vessel especially developed to the customer’s needs, says SVP Sales & Marketing, Roy Arne Stavik who is clear on why VARD was able to deliver as planned despite the current market situation. - Through our integrated value chain VARD is a one stop shop with in-house competence which gives us control over the whole process and makes it easier for our customers and partners to obtain sustainable business at sea.

Akraberg Framherji Brattvaag 2022 Off

VARD 8 03 design

The vessel is the first of VARD 8 03 design and is a technologically advanced trawler with high focus on product quality, crew safety and sustainable operations. The vessel has been developed by VARD in close cooperation with Framherji with a common objective to create an advanced trawler with all latest available technology on board.

The vessel has a length of 84 meters and a beam of 16.7 meters and is equipped with VARD’s catch handling solution with a live fish tank to keep the fish in healthy conditions until processing, an advanced fish factory, high cargo capacity for refrigerated and frozen fish, as well as ensilage tanks for storing of heads and guts to secure full utilization of biomass from the catch.

SEAONICS has delivered premium cranes and winches especially designed with high dynamic performance and low power consumption, in addition to safe and efficient deck handling in harsh conditions.

Akraberg is outfitted with Vard Electro’s SeaQ Energy Storage System and SeaQ Power Management System, for optimal power and fuel economy in all operations. The frequency drives for the electrical winches are driven directly from the SeaQ Micro Grid that will increase the efficiency and enable to store regenerated power from winches to the SeaQ Energy Storage System, resulting in environmentally friendly operations. On the bridge, the vessel is equipped with VARD’s flexible and user-friendly SeaQ Bridge.

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