VARD a part of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program

VARD is happy to announce that we have joined the Industrial Liaison Program of the highly prestigious university Massachusetts institute of Technology.

04. March 2024

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VARD is a member together with our owner Fincantieri and other subsidiaries in the group.

One of the world's most significant technical teaching and research institutions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

MIT is one of the world's most significant technical teaching and research institutions, with extensive resources at its disposal, including specialty laboratories for research in the areas of technology, as well as centers where researchers from different disciplines meet to collaborate.

The MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program is a membership-based global program for large organizations interested in long-term, strategic relationships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Long-term perspective in innovation

- VARD is a long-term industrial investor, and we see the opportunity to benefit from MIT’s visionary and long-term perspective in innovation, says Amrit Bhullar SVP Business Development and Group iInnovation in VARD.

VARD will take an active role in leveraging the opportunities MIT offers and has played a significant role in establishing this relationship for the Fincantieri group.

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Further develop our key competencies

The Industrial Liaison Program will allow VARD to establish robust relationships with the other companies that are part of the ILP and with over 1,000 MIT-connected startups, as well as offering on-demand training opportunities for the Group's employees.

- Through this engagement VARD will be able to strengthen its innovation power in technologies for our offshore customers and further develop our key competencies in all aspects of the VARD integrated value chain, including concept design and engineering, production skills through the life cycle of a vessel, says Bhullar. - This relationship will also expand the international value to the longstanding collaborations we have with institutions and organizations in the region, such as NTNU and the maritime clusters