Vard Electro moves ahead with DC distribution, signs multi-million-euro project with Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch

Vard Electro, a globally recognized provider of marine electrical systems, has signed a multi-million-euro agreement with Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch to supply full DC distribution systems along with its state-of-the-art protection devices.

31. March 2023

SOV PSV 04 Sea Q

As part of the agreement, Vard Electro will be able to serve its clients with high-end design and engineering services that take advantage of future-looking DC distribution solutions. It will also get the latest technology for providing an extremely compact system with a fraction of the transformers in comparison to a traditional system.

“We appreciate the innovative approach of The Switch DC distribution products that allow us to provide our customers with system solutions that offer outstanding flexibility for years to come,” says Gisle Anderssen, VP Sales & Marketing, Vard Electro. “The Switch DC-Hub is a perfect fit for our large range of advanced power solutions.”

“Vard Electro is an established player in the maritime industry with highly competent personnel and reputable services. We are pleased to work with them in thinking outside the box to find solutions that save shipowners money and help lower the impact of shipping on the environment,” says Mikko Lönnberg, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

Now with the ability to offer full DC distribution and top-of-the-line protection devices, Vard Electro is looking forward to serving the needs of advanced vessel types that are ready to navigate toward making the seas blue again.

Innovations in DC distributions and protection devices

The Switch DC-Hub is the world’s smartest technology for a multi-megawatt DC distribution system because it was designed and optimized from the start for DC distribution. It ensures stable and secure operation for chosen consumers and enables a vessel to be future-flexible for new fuel sources.

The Switch DC-Hub comes with revolutionary protection device “suite” that secures ultrafast-protection of less than 10 microseconds and ride-through, while isolating any defective part of the system.

The Switch Electronic Bus Link (EBL) provides protection on the outside by spitting onboard grids in microseconds. It isolates any faulty DC-Hub, making sure other DC-Hubs are not affected and ensuring complete DC distribution system redundancy. The Switch EBL has been DP3 tested and DNV approved.

The Switch Electronic DC Breaker (EDCB) provides protection on the inside against short-circuit faults. This ultra-rapid semiconductor-based electronic breaker is integrated inside the inverter modules. It is based on high-resolution current measurements and predictable protection to prevent any voltage drop and ensuring ride-through.

The Switch Battery Short-Circuit Limiter (BSCL) restricts any short-term current from batteries, immediately blocking the short-circuit system. This allows more batteries to be connected to the electrical system and fewer DC-Hubs, making the entire system more compact and representing a significant financial saving.