VARD presents the VARD Resilience series

VARD and Fincantieri build on their experience and expertise in the construction of naval vessels and present the next generation of military vessels – The VARD Resilience series.

15. April 2024

Vard Vessels Arctic FINAL ILL 120424

Defining customer needs in a new geopolitical and technological world requires knowledge and experience. VARD has these competences.

Integrated value chain

VARD develops, builds, and maintains vessels – and we have done so for generations.

One of VARD's advantages is our ability to collaborate closely with customers to tailor-make vessels based on the customer's needs and requirements. Based on the Norwegian Navy's input, we are ready to contribute with our knowledge to design and develop the new marine vessels designated for protecting Norway. In VARD we are shipbuilders in control and ownership over the full value chain. VARD owns several shipyards with a large capacity, and outfits and commissions the vessels in Norway with security-cleared highly competent personnel.

Unique expertise and experience

The Vard Group and our owners Fincantieri have unique expertise and experience with total integration of military vessels – especially integration of weapons, sensors, and communication systems. Our focus and experience on Life Cycle Management (LCM) and the provision of integrated logistics support (ILS) will be a major asset to the Navy.

VARD has great capacity and flexibility for the construction of marine vessels in Norway. In addition, VARD focuses on using a large proportion of Norwegian suppliers with service networks in Norway and good access and short lead times for spare parts. This is important in terms of local and national value creation, but also important when it comes to security and emergency preparedness.

Expertise on world-leading naval vessels

Vard Langsten has a long-built expertise on world-leading naval vessels, most recently with the construction of the three state-of-the-art Coast Guard ships in the Jan Mayen class for the Norwegian Coast Guard. Vard Langsten has extensive experience with classified procurements and acquired broad experience with physical security, information management and personnel security that few other shipyards can demonstrate when it comes to the construction of marine vessels.

20230513 Vard Kv Janmayen aes 02 copy

Standardization, modularization, adaptation

To answer the Norwegian Navy’s demands for the new vessels, VARD has developed VARD Resilience series with a design that meets the request for standardization, modularization, adaptation to the customer's needs and purpose of the vessel, and of course with a long service life. VARD Resilience series is ready for further development together with the customer.