VARD secures contract for one Cable Laying Vessel for Prysmian Group

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a new contract for the design and construction of another Cable Laying Vessel for Prysmian Group in Italy.

19. December 2023

VARD 9 18 for Prysmian

The third cable laying vessel contracted with VARD

The contract value amounts to approximately euro 230 million.

This is the third cable laying vessel the Prysmian Group has contracted with VARD. The third vessel is an evolution, based on knowledge and experience from the two previous vessels Prysmian has contracted with VARD. One – named Monna Lisa - is still under construction and the first vessel, Leonardo da Vinci, was delivered from VARD to Prysmian in 2021. Prysmian is securing yet another contract because of the fruitful relationship based on the quality and performance of the existing ship.

Greener and smarter power grids

- As global leader in submarine cable business we are fully committed to support the development of greener and smarter power grids, enabling the energy transition. We are delighted to work once again with VARD and Fincantieri - leaders in the design and construction of state-of-the-art vessels for the offshore market – to strengthen even more our installation capabilities” commented Hakan Ozmen, EVP Project BU, Prysmian Group.

VARD 9 18 design

The new vessel is of VARD 9 18 design and especially designed for advanced subsea operations. With a length of approximately 185 m and a breadth of about 34 m, this brand-new designed vessel will be equipped with advanced cable installation solutions, such as three carousels for a total capacity of 19. 000 tonnes, positioning itself among the highest cable loading capacity vessels in the market and enabling a reduced transportation time from the factory to the site, for an overall improved project efficiency.

A bollard pull in excess of 180 tonnes will allow the vessel to perform complex installation operations of simultaneous cable lay and burial (up to 4 cables) with a variety of ploughs, for an unrivalled optimization of offshore operations. The vessel will be equipped with state-of-the-art DP3 positioning and seakeeping systems and will be operational by beginning of 2027.

State-of-the-art vessel

Christian Utvik is SVP Sales & Marketing in VARD and has been responsible for the commercial part of the contract:

- VARD’s size & speed, technology & our integrated global value chain, and close customer partnerships - like the one we have with Prysmian Group, gives both VARD and Prysmian significant competitive advantages through the delivery of the most advanced ships. We are happy to welcome Prysmian back to VARD for the design and build of yet another state-of-the-art vessel.

Vard BK1 A5393 foto Kristin Stoylen

Reduced environmental footprint

The cable layer is developed to perform complex installation operations, supported by a variety of burial systems, including heavy-duty ploughs, and state-of-the-art positioning and seakeeping systems, coupled with a reduced environmental footprint.

Enabling sustainable opportunities at sea

CEO for Vard Group, Alberto Maestrini appreciates the relationship between VARD and Prysmian:

- We are partnering with Prysmian once again to develop and put to work new marine business opportunities. Through this joint collaborative approach with customers, we explore and design new advanced vessels and solutions developing the business cases that make them good investments and enabling sustainable opportunities at sea. We are looking forward to once again having a good collaboration with Prysmian.

Vard BK1 A5773 foto Kristin Stoylen

Deliveries from VARD`s high technology subsidiaries

The vessel is designed by Vard Design in Ålesund, Norway. The hull will be built at Vard Shipyards Romania in Tulcea, while the final outfitting, commissioning and delivery will be carried out by one of VARD’s shipyards in Norway. The Group’s high technology subsidiaries are also involved in the project through deliveries of equipment and solutions.

By utilizing its long experience as a system integrator, Vard Electro will deliver a complete electrical systems package from product engineering through installation, integration, and commissioning. The comprehensive package of SeaQ products incorporates a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies, encompassing power, control, bridge, and communication solutions, aimed at ensuring safe and sustainable operations at sea, with a focus on optimizing system stability and efficiency.

The SeaQ package includes a full power and propulsion system including an Energy storage system by batteries. The SeaQ ESS will provide hybrid operations at sea resulting in more energy-efficient operations for reduced emissions and improved fuel consumption. Further the vessel will have a full SeaQ Automation system and it will include the market leading integrated SeaQ Bridge to provide a higher level of safety and integration of all the vessel systems.

Vard Interiors will deliver modern Interior solutions and green HVAC R system aiming to create a good living and working environment onboard the vessel.

The cable layer is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2026.

Technical information

  • Length of approximately 185 meters and a beam of about 34 meters.
  • Three carousels for a total capacity of 19.000 tonnes.
  • State-of-the-art DP3 positioning and seakeeping systems.
  • Bollard pull in excess of 180 tonnes.