VARD secures contract for one stern trawler for Havbryn AS

We are thrilled to announce that VARD has secured a new contract for the design and construction of one stern trawler for Norwegian Havbryn AS.

03. June 2024

VARD 80 2 design for Havbryn AS 1

VARD 8 02 trawler design

The VARD 8 02 trawler design is a well-proven design that VARD is continuously developing to create an advanced trawler with all latest available technology on board. The vessel has excellent fuel economy and is outfitted for semi-pelagic and bottom-trawling operations with gentle handling to meet the latest demands for fish health management, efficiency, and environmentally friendly operations. With a high focus on quality of catch, safety of crew, and sustainable operations, the vessel has the most efficient technology to bring the catch ashore with minimum environmental footprint.

Ripple effects for local maritime suppliers

- The newbuild will replace the current Havbryn, which was built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey in 2013. This vessel is 69.9 meters long and 15,4 meters wide and produces cut gutted fish and has a fish meal and oil factory. Havbryn AS is part of Strand Rederiet, which is one of Norway's largest family-owned fishing boat companies. We are pleased to have signed a contract with a local company, which also creates ripple effects for local maritime suppliers, says CEO of Havbryn, Astrid L. Strand.

Modern living quarters

The new vessel will have a length of 80,4 meters and a beam of 16,7 meters. The hull is ice strengthened according to Ice-1A. The vessel with its propulsion system is compliant with the stringent DNV Silent F notation. The stern trawler is featuring an advanced H/G processing factory. The spacious cargo space holds both refrigerated and frozen products, plus ensilage tanks for processing of biomass ashore, further maximizing resource utilization and profit.

Modern living quarters have been developed with a high focus on crew welfare with architect-designed public spaces, day and mess rooms, a gymnasium and cabins with low noise and an appealing interior.

Delighted to welcome Havbryn AS back as a customer

- We are very happy to have yet again contracted a fishing vessel and especially it being of our proven VARD 8 02 design. This design is functional and efficient and has been very well received in the market. Through this contract we will continue to develop the design to the best of our customers. VARD are delighted to welcome Havbryn AS back as a customer. Many years ago, Brattvaag yard built the vessel Havstrand and we are particularly pleased when a local owner returns to sign a new contract and also decides to make use of many local suppliers in building the new vessel, says Roy Arne Stavik Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing in VARD.

Vard BK1 A5871 foto Kristin Stoylen 3

Sustainable SeaQ solutions

The stern trawler is outfitted with Vard Electro’s SeaQ Energy Storage System. The innovative SeaQ Microgrid is the heart of the Energy Management System that enable power to be recovered from permanent magnet electric motors on the trawl winches while shooting mode and contribute with power in heaving mode on trawl winches. All operating in harmony with the SeaQ Power Management System for seamless integration with the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which in turn minimizes fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. An innovative heat-recovery system increases overall efficiency even further.

The new vessel will have the SeaQ Bridge system installed. This provides a bridge solution with an intuitive user interface designed for a safer and more efficient operation with the operator in focus while maintaining full flexibility in equipment maker selection. The SeaQ Bridge is a digital enabler and serve as the interface to all the operational data.

Winch and crane package from SEAONICS

SEAONICS will deliver a premium winch and crane package especially designed for safe and efficient deck handling in harsh conditions. The electric trawl winches have high dynamic performance enabling optimum performance for the trawl in all conditions. During shooting or paying out wire all winches regenerate power back to the SeaQ Energy Storage System, hence will reduce the power consumption in operation.

Interiors by Vard interiors

Vard Interiors will deliver a comprehensive interior package, offering turnkey solutions with modern Interior, and green HVAC R and Piping systems, with a focus on quality and efficiency, aiming to create a good living, and working environment onboard the vessel.

To be delivered from VARD in Norway in 2026

The stern trawler of VARD 8 02 design is developed by Vard Design in Ålesund, Norway.

Delivery of the vessel is scheduled to Q3 2026. The hull will be built at one of VARD’s yards in Romania and the vessel will be outfitted, commissioned, and delivered from one of VARD’s yards in Norway.