System Integration

An experienced system integrator

At the core of every vessel, there is a complex network of seamlessly integrated electrical systems and components, making operations at sea safer, smarter, and more efficient.


Experts within system integration

Working with all established brands in the market, we deliver advanced electrical systems for the maritime and offshore industries.

Our tailored solutions encompass complete electrical system packages, including energy and automation technology, diesel-electric propulsion, electrics, and HVAC systems.

Specialized in delivering power & propulsion systems

We have a solid expertise in tailored solutions for diesel-electric, full electric, and hybrid vessels. Our core competency lies in selecting the correct components to ensure optimal operations, and to deliver quality solutions addressing our customer's needs.

What we offer

System configurations

  • DC main switchboard for full electric or hybrid vessels
  • Microgrid converter with shaft generator and energy storage system
  • Hybrid thruster drives with energy storage system
  • Retrofit energy storage system

Power & propulsion systems

  • Generator sets
  • Energy storage system
  • Main switchboard
  • Distribution switchboards
  • Motor control center & individual starters
  • Transformers
  • Drives
  • Electric thruster motors
  • Main and auxiliary thrusters
  • Thruster control
  • Joystick & DP

SeaQ - Developed in collaboration with our customers

The SeaQ brand line is the result from generations of shipbuilder competence and a collaboration with our customers.

We have combined technology and quality to deliver marine solutions conforming to the highest industry standards.

Sea Q Bridge control