Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Capacities to handle the next generation wind turbines.

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VARD 4 52 is a state of the art Wind Turbine Installation Vessel with capacities to handle the next generation wind turbines. The vessel is large enough to transport up to five 15 MW turbines including all parts.

The propulsion and power plant are highly flexible, with very high redundancy and possibility for operation with low emissions and fuel consumption. Zero emission solutions are available for this concept.

While the primary task is installation of large wind turbines, the vessel can also be suitable for foundation installation, with the crane being able to lift as much as 2 600 tons.

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Design specifications

Vard Design

Ship Designer

VARD 4 52

Vard Design

Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Type of Vessel

Technical specifications

13000 t

variable load

2600 t

crane capacity

75 m

water depth

5500 m²

deck area