Krill Trawler

Highly specialized design with onboard production and processing facility.

Vard 8 10 view01

The VARD 8 10 design is a state of the art and highly specialized design with onboard production and processing facility. The onboard manufacturing plant will produce krill meal and oil of high quality after the krill has been brought on board.

The vessel has a unique deck arrangement as the krill harvesting vessel will be equipped with Eco-Harvesting technology, a unique trawl system, which uses a mechanism that singles out unwanted by-catch (non-krill species) releasing them unharmed. This invention reduces by-catches to near zero. The design will be equipped with the latest in eco-friendly technology, making it energy efficient in operations. A wide range of technical solutions, such as VARD SeaQ Products: Integrated Bridge, Power Management- and IAS systems and Accommodation, can be integrated in the design.

Vard 8 10 portrett sea

Design specifications

Vard Design

Ship Designer

VARD 8 10

Vard Design

Krill Trawler

Type of Vessel

Technical specifications

129.6 m

length overall

123.8 m

length between p.p

23 m

breadth moulded

7.9 m

max scantling draught

1 830 m³

freezing hold

6.300 m³

cargo hold