Mid Size Dual Function Vessel

Developed to allow dual function of Power and FOC operations.

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VARD 9 01 is specially designed and equipped for Subsea cable laying operations with a high focus on good sea-keeping abilities, excellent station keeping performances and low fuel consumption. The vessel is designed with Vard Design`s optimized hull form and bow shape incorporated in the design. The vessel is fitted with 2 main cable tanks, 2 spare cable tanks, 2 rope tanks, Cable laying deck, with tracks, workshops, cable engines and sheaves, A-frame for plough deployment over the stern and accommodation for 80 persons. The vessel is fitted with a DP2 system, and the primary activities are:

•Fiber optic cable lay

•Fiber optic cable repair

•Power cable lay

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Design specifications

Vard Design

Ship Designer

VARD 9 01

Vard Design

Mid size Dual Function Vessel

Type of Vessel

Technical specifications

111.3 m

length overall

21.5 m

breadth moulded

8.8 m

depth main deck

7.1 m

max scantling draught

5300 t


80 pers