High Payload Power Cable

Designed for the most demanding of cable installation work.

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VARD 9 04 is specially designed and equipped for the most demanding of cable installation work with a high focus on good sea-keeping abilities, excellent station keeping performances and low fuel consumption. The vessel is environmentally friendly with focus on low emissions in accordance with and precautions equivalent to Rina GREEN PLUS requirements. The vessel is designed with Vard Design`s optimized hull form and bow shape incorporated in the design. The vessel is fitted with a DP3 system according to RINA Dynapos AM/AT RS requirements, and the primary activities are:

• High-capacity Export cable lay

• Inter Array cable lay

Survey and ROV operations

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Design specifications

Vard Design

Ship Designer

VARD 9 04

Vard Design

High Payload Power Cable

Type of Vessel

Technical specifications

171.7 m

length overall

32.4 m

breadth moulded

11.2 m

depth main deck

8.5 m

max scantling draught

18400 t