Integrated shipbuilding

VARD's entire value-chain capability, from design and engineering to advanced marine electronics and interiors, is fully integrated into the shipbuilding process across our global footprint of yards. Our family of specialist subsidiaries works together seamlessly to ensure project continuity and product excellence. This defines our holistic approach and unique ability to deliver high-end solutions from concept to ship in the water.

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Ship design

Vard Design is one of the word's leading ship design and engineering companies, and delivers a broad range of services from several offices in Europe and North America. The pressure on ship-owners to innovate to stay competitive is higher than ever. New technology is continuously becoming available often requiring designs to be amended through the shipbuilding process. Our customers value VARD's ability to combine inspiring new concepts with hands on shipbuilding experience in cross-functional teams, particularly when vessels designs and technology are new and innovative.

Integrated design


VARD operates a unique network of seven yards on three continents, all hardwired to our design, software and solutions companies. This global footprint and large capacity offers customers the flexibility to build their vessels where it suits their needs. The yards are the heart of VARD's integrated shipbuilding process. This is where craftspeople from many disciplines – builders, designers, software developers, outfitters and engineers work closely with customer and suppliers in one team to create vessels of exceptional quality and performance.

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Products and solutions

VARD's network of specialized subsidiaries deliver a full range of marine solutions. Our customers see the benefits of an integrated shipbuilding offer where interiors, HVAC, piping, handling systems and marine electronics can all be provided in one seamless delivery. Our systems are designed to integrate well during the shipbuilding process and work well together during the ships operational life.

Vard Electro is a key element of our integrated shipbuilding offer with its SeaQ range of bridge solutions, power solutions, and automation systems for smarter and more intuitive operations. Shipowners are in a constant race to incorporate new technology. Vard Electro is globally recognised as a leading marine electronics and electrical systems provider with strong system integration expertise.

Integrated products

After-sales and services

VARD provides a comprehensive set of services to ensure optimal performance through the lifetime of vessel. The range of services includes everything from engineering through installation, integration testing and commissioning, to remote diagnostics, conversions, spare parts, and on-demand field services. We provide a service and upgrades on marine electronics and electrical solutions from both SeaQ and other vendors.

With our integrated offer of design, shipbuilding and marine solutions VARD is ideally placed to plan and implement modifications and retrofit solutions to upgrade and prolong the lifetime of a vessel.

VARD's integrated shipbuilding process is born from the collective knowledge and experience over generations. With advanced, custom vessels it is critical to understand how to make ship design, yards, marine systems, electronics and equipment work seamlessly together. For our customers this ensures an efficient building process and a high-quality vessel that is both safe and competitive.

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