Bourbon Arctic

Arctic Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel for Bourbon

802 2

Bourbon Arctic is specially designed and equipped for advanced anchor handling operations worldwide, and has the following special features:

• A powerful design relative to its size. Maximum pull: 307t in boost mode, 193t in diesel electric mode with the use of azimuth thruster, and 175t in diesel electric mode without the use of azimuth thruster.

• Class leading winch capacities for anchor handling operations.

• Strengthened hull and enhanced winterization measures for operations in arctic areas.

• Mobilization capacities for complete rig move operations.

• Environmentally friendly CLEAN DESIGN class notation with focus on low emissions.

• Improved low resistance hull shape designed for high speed, good sea and station-keeping capabilities, excellent manoeuvrability and good stability.

• Versatility in operation provided by several class notations and high tank capacities.

• ROV hangar with launch- and recovery system for ROV.

• Large, high standard and comfortable accommodation with low noise levels.

802 Bourbon Arctc

Build specifications


ship owner

Vard Brattvaag

outfitting yard

March 2016


Vard Design

ship designer



VARD 2 12


Arctic Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

93.6 m

length overall

84.9 m

length between p.p

24 m

breadth moulded

270 t

bollard pull

60 pers