Far Sun

Platform Supply Vessel for Farstad Shipping

815 Far Sun

Far Sun are specially designed and equipped for platform supply operations, with a high focus on good sea-keeping capabilities, excellent station keeping performance and low fuel consumption.

The vessels are fitted with:

• High standard, low noise level accommodation. COMF V(2),C(3)

• 2 azimuth thrusters aft

• 2 tunnel thrusters fwd

• 1 swing up thruster fwd

• Dry bulk and liquid cargo system.

• Safe Hose Operating System

• Dynamic Positioning System

• Automatic sea fastening arrangement for deck cargo

815 Far Sun2

Build specifications

Farstad Shipping

ship owner

Vard Langsten

outfitting yard

July 2014


Vard Design

ship designer



PSV 07


Platform Supply Vessel

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

94.7 m

length overall

84.8 m

length between p.p

21 m

breadth moulded

7 m

max scantling draught

5700 t


28 pers