Lady Anne Marie

Aquaculture Support Vessel for Aqua Shipping/Fjordlaks Aqua/Hofseth

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Lady Anne Marie is designed for transportation of live fish. It has the following features:

• Two longitudinal cargo tanks for transportation of live fish.

• Each tank outfitted for both closed and open circulation of sea water.

• Cargo tanks designed for under- and overpressure operations.

• Moving bulkhead system in each cargo tank.

• Two high capacity RSW systems installed.

• Integrated water separator designed to separate fish from sea-water into fresh water, and reuse of fresh water for multiple treatments.

• Washing system to provide automatic washing of fish holds and pipes.

• A control system for all fish handling and circulation equipment.

• Crane capacities for handling of fish hoses and nets.

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Build specifications

Aqua Shipping/Fjordlaks Aqua/Hofseth

ship owner

Vard Aukra

outfitting yard

July 2018


Vard Design

ship designer



VARD 8 50


Aquaculture Support Vessel

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

61.8 m

length overall

57.1 m

length between p.p

14 m

breadth moulded

5.3 m

max scantling draught

1780 t


8 pers