Live Fish Treatment Barge for Dalseide Shipping Service

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Marcus is designed and equipped for worldwide operations for treatment of live salmon, trout and other farmed species, suitable for a wide range of sites and climates, including inshore, offshore, artic and tropical areas.

The barge is fitted with the following features:

• Latest innovations in live fish handling system by Hydrolicer Production.

• Ballast water system for good sea-keeping abilites, ensuring safe operations for crew.

• Bridge control room providing good overview of the barge deck and fish farm operational area.

• IAS (Integrated Alarm and monitoring System) for remote handling of bilgeand ballast system, including engine control and live fish handling system.

• Engine configuration and control by PMS (Power Management System)

• Fire alarm system.

• Diesel-electric generator sets.

• Accommodation for crew with modern living facilities.

• Safety and lifesaving appliances to ensure safe environment for crew and visitors.

• Structural integrity according to the prescribed environmental conditions at the operational site.

• Design according to Norwegian Maritime Authority.

• Oxygen generator system with capacity of 105kg/h. System includes compressor, drier, coal filter, air tank, generators and buffer tank

• Operator chair with master remote control for cranes and A-frame.

• 2 off thrusters for sea-keeping and transit at fish farm location (cruising speed approx. 5 knots).

• Ozone disinfection system

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Build specifications

Dalseide Shipping Service

ship owner

Vard Aukra

outfitting yard

June 2016


Vard Design

ship designer



VARD 8 53


Live Fish Treatment Barge

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

35.4 m

length overall

12 m

breadth moulded

1.8 m

max scantling draught

4 pers