Normand Maximus

Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel for Solstad Offshore

830 Normand Maximus Brattvaag 3 19 Harald Mvalderhaug 2 mindre

Normand Maximus is designed for world wide operations with the following special features:

• Low resistance hull lines designed for speed and low fuel consumption, good sea- and station-keeping performances, excellent manoeuvrability, high capacities and good stability.

• Environmental friendly design, and low emission.

• Large, high standard and comfortable accommodation with low noise levels.

• High focus on safety with separated machinery spaces and good operational capacity even in case of fire flooding.

• Large working deck.

• 900T and 150T SWL offshore cranes.

• 550T vertical lay system for J-lay of umbilical, flexible and rigid products.

• 2 off ROV moonpools with launch- and recovery system for ROV.

• Helicopter landing platform (helideck) and refuelling.

830 Normand Maximus Brattvaag 3 19 Harald Mvalderhaug mindre

Build specifications

Solstad Offshore

ship owner

Vard Brattvaag

outfitting yard

October 2016


Vard Design

ship designer



VARD 3 19


Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

180 m

length overall

165.4 m

length between p.p

33 m

breadth moulded

8.6 m

max scantling draught

180 pers