Topaz Moskva

Moduler Carrier Vessel to Topaz Energy and Marine

867 Moskva

Topaz Moskvas primary activities are transport of pre-assembled modules (deck cargo) to be installed on the Tengiz oil field. With its shallow draft hull form and low air draft together with the specified propulsion configuration and low fuel consumption, the vessels will be well suited for heavy cargo operations in shallow waters and river systems.

The vessels are fitted with:

• Large cargo deck.
• Recess deck from frame #-6 to frame #163 to accommodate multiwheeler loading.
• Efficient, high capacity water ballast system.
• IMO approved ballast water treatment system.
• Two main azimuth propellers aft.
• Two tunnel thrusters forward.

867 moskva 2

Build specifications

Topaz Energy and Marine

ship owner

Vard Tulcea

outfitting yard

January 2018


Vard Design

ship designer

Other vessels


VARD 9 21


Module Carrier Vessel

type of vessel


yard no.

Technical specifications

123 m

length overall

118 m

length between p.p

16.5 m

breadth moulded

3.5 m

max scantling draught

2650 t


18 pers