We are eager to welcome skilled professionals into our company. Our people and their skills are at the core of our success.

Professionals wide format

Join us, bring your talent and help us enable sustainable opportunities at sea.

In VARD you will find a wide variety of career opportunities in a highly dynamic and international environment. We understand the importance of continuous education and we strive to give you the chance to further develop your career.

Career development for professionals in the company may follow two main paths:

  • Development of functional expertise: This path enables you to develop your functional expertise through challenging projects, teamwork and on-the-job training and assignments.
  • Development of careers into leadership roles: This path enables you to develop their management and leadership skills. With functional roles as a starting point, you can grow into roles with higher complexity. These roles may involve a wider scope, increased responsibility, or a larger geographical area.

Our wide range of ventures and customers means that you may have the chance to work across different projects and product groups, and to build expertise in a variety of disciplines, systems, and markets.

International opportunities are also available depending on the needs of the various projects and functions. For more information, please visit our section on Worldwide Opportunities.