Transforming fleet operations with advanced remote technology ready for autonomous shipping.

SeaQ Remote enables centralized remote control of vessel functions for lean manning, enhanced safety and 24/7 support with an expert in the loop.


Remote monitoring and control

SeaQ Remote unifies the SeaQ suite of automated control systems for navigation, equipment, machinery and power management in an intuitive user interface that provides fully remote functionality from an onshore control center.

Smart data-driven management of shipboard systems allows the remote operator to switch between different operating modes, with instant access to KPIs for integrated control systems and the ability to handle safety-critical alerts in real time. Constant digital monitoring enables optimised safety and operational performance along with automated reporting.

Situation awareness

The control center has a full 360-degree overview of the external environment for the vessel facilitated by multi-directional cameras, close-range radar and a sound reception system installed onboard.

This gives a precise picture of operating conditions for heightened situation awareness with object tracking and detection, night vision and collision avoidance functions.


Automated navigation of predefined routes can be adjusted remotely according to changes in the marine environment and weather conditions.

What you get with SeaQ Remote

Key benefits

  • Lean manning
  • Enhanced safety and sustainability
  • Expert in the loop
  • Condition monitoring
  • Optimised operational performance
  • Fleet-wide overview

Key features

  • Centralised data-driven vessel management
  • Control center with remote access to onboard systems
  • Cybersecurity safeguards
  • Intuitive user interface with multi-screen display
  • Ship-like control console with full functionality
  • Unmanned vessel operations
  • Remote navigation

System Integration

  • SeaQ Control including Integrated Automation and Power Management systems
  • SeaQ Bridge and Navigation including Integrated Bridge
  • SeaQ Power including Energy Storage System

Stepping up investment for autonomous ship operations

Vard Electro aims to facilitate a new generation of larger robotic vessels with the launch of SeaQ Remote to provide centralized remote operation of automated ship control systems and deck machinery in support of lean crewing, lower costs, safety and sustainability.

Sea Q Remote


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