Birgit Aarseth new General Manager in Vard Interiors

Birgit Aarseth has been appointed General Manager for Vard Interiors AS coming from the position as Vice President Operations.

12. February 2024

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From the position as Vice President Operations

Birgit will start her new role in the company 12 February. Birgit has been working at Vard Interiors since March 2022, first as Department Manager Interior and then as Vice President Operations. Birgit possesses a broad international experience and has over the years been leading different procurement, logistics and sourcing functions as well as setting up production at suppliers globally.

Exiting and hectic times ahead

“I am grateful for the warm welcome from good colleagues and the opportunities I have been given since I started in VARD. With all the newbuilds, in addition to retrofit projects, the first contract in the US and launch of our own design and product we have exiting and hectic times ahead of us. I am proud to be a part of this and to be leading the innovative and energetic team in Vard Interiors,” says Birgit.

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General Manager Vard Interiors Birgit Aarseth and former General Manager Riccardo Manilla.

Broad experience and a strategic mindset

Former General Manager Riccardo Manilla has taken on new and exciting tasks in Fincantieri Cruise Division in Trieste, Italy.

CEO in Vard Group, Alberto Maestrini says: “I would like to warmly thank Riccardo for his important contribution to the growth of Vard Interiors during his leadership. I wish him all the best in his new role in Fincantieri. Birgit brings a broad experience and a strategic mindset, and she is a strong successor. I believe that she will play an important role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and leading our team to new heights. I trust she will contribute significantly to our continued growth and success.”

Vard Interiors has its headquarters in Tennfjord outside Ålesund, Norway and an office in Tulcea, Romania. 140 employees in total.