Vard Group AS is excited to announce Cathrine Kristiseter Marti as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) starting 1st June 2024. The current CEO, Alberto Maestrini will remain in his position as Chairman of the Board. He will continue to lead the Offshore and Special Vessels business in Fincantieri which VARD is part of and through this continue to support Vard’s integration in the Fincantieri Group.

03. April 2024

Cathrine Marti

The leading player in offshore and specialized vessels

The appointment of the new CEO is part of a long-term strategy to strengthen VARD as the leading world player in offshore and specialized vessels and a key business pillar within the Fincantieri Group.

Vard Group considers that Cathrine, a CEO with a strong link to the Norwegian business community and a solid international shipbuilding experience, has the necessary toolset to ensure continuity of performance and at the same time providing a boost for further growth.

A trusted player in the shipbuilding industry

- I am honored and proud to take over the responsibility as CEO and I am confident, that together with the competent and engaged colleagues in VARD, we will continue to grow as a trusted player in the shipbuilding industry and create long term value for the shareholder, says Cathrine Marti

Cathrine Marti comes from the position as CEO of Ulstein Group and has extensive industry experience from 25 years within maritime related industries

Brighter future

- After some difficult years, Vard Group has finally reached a sound business position. Now, I am very happy to give the helm to Cathrine for the next phase of the journey, which I am sure will bring an even brighter future to VARD and Fincantieri, says Alberto Maestrini.

Fincantieri and VARD wish to thank Alberto for the fantastic effort he has put in as CEO in VARD since 2020 and are looking forward to continuing to take advantage of his exceptional experience in the industry in the continuous collaboration.

Alberto Maestrini foto Kristin Stoylen VARD

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