Vard Braila

Part of the VARD group since 2003, Vard Braila lies on the lower reaches of the River Danube near the town of Braila in Romania.

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Vard Braila has more than 80 years shipbuilding activity and is part of the VARD group since 2003.
The shipyard is specialized in hull manufacturing and partially outfitted vessels.
The shipyard has also the expertise in delivering completed outfitted vessels. Among recent shipbuilding projects, Vard Braila delivered a series of five fully outfitted icebreaking tugs with specially designed to be used in the Caspian Sea, and a series of nine module carrier vessels for offshore operations.

Modernization process

Vard Braila has finalized a modernization project to increase production capacity and accommodate bigger and different types of vessels (offshore and cruise).

This features:

  • Installation of four new 100-ton capacity cranes.
  • Modernization of launching capacity (mounting platform, launching infrastructure inside and above the water and launching platform) that doubled capacity from 3,200 tons to 6,000 tons (finalized in 2021).
  • Construction of mobile halls comprising of five modules that can be assembled in different configurations according to requirements.

During 2019 - 2022 Vard Braila built and delivered 86 metallic blocks (OBGs) which formed the deck of the “Suspended Bridge over the Danube River” near Braila, a great infrastructure project in the Eastern part of Romania. This project has required a series of new investments (unrelated to shipbuilding) and a reorganization of the yard’s production flow. The Bridge was inaugurated in July 2023.


Yard Capacities


  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018

General information

  • Number of employees: 1680
  • Established: 1940
  • Total yard area: 499 704 m²

Hull building

  • Total: 41 577 m²
  • Hull factory: 27,617 m²
  • Other halls for units building: 13 960 m²

Erection facilities

  • 46,489 m²


  • 6w

Transfer way

  • 15 235 m²

Launching ramp

  • 11,022 m²


  • Outside quay & inner basin: 79,472 m²
  • Outside quay - length 1300 m

Outfitting factory

  • Total: 16,448 m²


  • Steel outfitting workshop
    3,456 m².
  • Piping workshop
    5,096 m²
  • Carpentry shop
    560 m²
  • Mechanical workshop
    1,093 m²

Other areas used by internal subcontractors

  • 2,593 m²


  • 30 160 m²

Additional information

  • Max. launching weight - 6000 t; max. length - 130 m; max. breadth - 32 m