VARD is on the lookout for new talent to join our team of skilled employees

With our current team comprised of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique strengths to the table, we now seek to expand our ranks with individuals who can contribute to its continued success.

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At VARD we care about nurturing talents and embracing diverse strengths, giving everyone the opportunity to develop and grow. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates your skills, and where together we are shaping the future of shipbuilding.

So – what are your skills?

Meet our employees

Step into the vibrant world of VARD and meet the heartbeat of our organization - our skilled team of professionals. Each member of our diverse and dynamic workforce brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication.

Arnt Inge Gjerde Vard AIG 3 B7 A2180 foto Kristin Stoylen

Arnt Inge Gjerde

Meet the apprentice who became a Yard Director.

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Gema Baldo Llorca

Gema – a security architect guided by curiosity and openness

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Torkild Skjong

A Concept Designer with a lifelong passion for everything that moves in water

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Jenny Johanne Panzer

Embracing adventures with VARD.

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Charlotte Vindsnes

Charlotte propelled her way from apprentice to Service Engineer

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What do we offer?

VARD offers global opportunities within our entire value-chain, from design and engineering to advanced marine electronics, interiors and support functions.

We value diversity and together, we strive to foster an inclusive workspace where innovation thrives, growth is encouraged, and where we unite as OneTeam.

We are building ships for the future. Join us!

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